Happy New Year!!! Keep Loving and Protecting Our Freedoms

Welcome to the Most America Loving Straight-line Retailer In America

Ain't nothing wrong with a little America lovin'...  We would would like to take a minute to thank you for visiting our site and supporting us as we continue to support free-thinking American patriots. Only in America can someone from nothing raise themselves from a dirt floor into an upper-class lifestyle.  Only in America can can a single mother who is fed-up with corporate America's short-comings start her own business and come to prominence in the business world. Only in America could a kid tinkering in his garage with visions of changing the world create one of the world's largest, most influential companies.  Only in America do people that come from poverty become doctors, investors, and tech giants to help millions of people accomplish their dreams along the way. Only in America could a people oppressed for hundreds of years, come to realize freedom and equal opportunity to earn what "they" earn, to make what "they" make, to live how "they" live.  America has a tattered, far from perfect past, but  what is clear is the people of this great country understand what we as humans can do to get better as Americans. No black, no white, no asian, no indian, just Americans supporting America.  Opportunity and the freedom to create, protect, and grow each other and the communities we live in as we see fit is the fundamental right of each American. 

Our goal here at MuCasual is to promote American businesses through the love of promoting patriotism.  From casual clothing to home décor and housewares, we will continue to grow America's economy through the love and promotion of the Red, White, and Blue.   

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